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It is extremely important to have good lines of communication between all members of our school community, this enables us to work in a positive partnership and meet the needs of our children. The school Newsletter comes out every week on a Friday. It is sent out to the oldest sibling in each family and contains important information and reviews events that have happened in school. A copy is available on our website and emailed out to parents/carers. Letters are also sent home regularly with information about school trips, events in school and clubs.  Please ensure that all contact details, i.e. telephone numbers, addresses of yourself and emergency contacts, are kept up to date.


The school regards punctuality and good attendance as extremely important as they both directly affect children’s learning. Poor attendance prevents children from making the most of all the opportunities offered at school. It is essential that children do not miss school unnecessarily. If your child is absent from school due to illness, please telephone the school and leave a message on our Absence Line stating your child’s name, class and reason for absence. If the absence is for a medical appointment, please notify us in advance and advise the office if your child will be in school for lunch that day.


If your child is suffering from an illness and is unable to attend school, you must inform the school office by 9.15am giving the reason. You can telephone us on 01923 245490 and leave a message on our attendance line or email us at When your child returns to school, please send them in with a note confirming the absence.