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School Rules & Behaviour

Our School Rules

We will always try our hardest to:

  • respect everybody in and out of school
  • allow others to learn during lessons
  • work as hard as possible
  • take great care with equipment and people’s belongings
  • be good role models.


At Cherry Tree Primary School we believe that children will learn more and be better behaved in a well-ordered school that rewards rather than punishes, and that has the support of its families.

Anti-Bullying Strategy

At Cherry Tree School we see bullying as particularly unsatisfactory and against all that we believe constitutes acceptable behaviour in our school and society at large. Bullying is particularly destructive to the ethos of the kind of school we wish to create and as such merits close attention in our Behaviour Policy. The whole school community will always take such incidents seriously. We aim to ensure, as far as possible, that pupils are free from bullying at all times both in and out of school and that the school is a ‘bully free zone’. Action shall be taken in line with our Behaviour Policy.

Racial Harassment

As with bullying, racial harassment is a form of anti-social behaviour that requires particular attention and will not be tolerated in our school. If racist behaviour occurs, the staff will address the problem as soon as possible by:

  • supporting the victim(s);
  • talking to the perpetrator(s) and applying sanctions as necessary;
  • recording what has happened in the Incident Book and putting a letter ‘R’ next to the entry;
  • informing the parents.

All parents are asked to sign the Home/School Agreement, which includes behaviour guidelines.