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Our Governing Body is made up of parents/carers of children in school and people from our local community. They work together with our Headteacher and Leadership Team to ensure the school is run effectively.

The Instrument of Government dated 24th October 2014 states that our Governing Body is made up of 12 Governors:  1 Local Educational Authority, 5 Co-opted, 4 Parents, 1 Headteacher and 1 Staff member.

  • The Term of Office for each Governor is 4 years
  • None of our Governors are Governors in another Education Establishment
  • There are no declared relationships between Governors and Staff

From September 2016, the structure of the committees changed to a Business Committee, chaired by Barry Fitch, and a Pupil Committee, chaired by Andrew Chappell.


 Name  Role Date Appointed Appointed by Committees
(Meetings –  2015-16)
Business Interest
Andrew Chappell
LEA 20/03/13 Governing Body Curriculum (100%) 100% None
Barry Fitch
(Vice Chair)
Co-opted 24/10/14 Governing Body Finance & Premises (84%) 84% None
Jo Charman Co-opted 24/10/14 Governing Body Personnel & Welfare (100%) 84% None
Trudi Lincoln Co-opted 01/01/15 Governing Body Personnel & Welfare (67%) 100% None
John Houston Co-opted 24/10/14 Governing Body Finance & Premises (100%) 100% None
Juliette Uzur Co-opted Governing Body n/a n/a  None
Vacancy Parent   Parents      
Alison Campbell Parent 09/12/16 Parents n/a n/a None
Mohammad Umer Parent 18/05/16 Parents n/a 100% None
Hilary Lythgoe Parent 17/12/15 Parents Curriculum (100%)

Personnel & Welfare (100%)

100% None
Jessie Bruce Headteacher 02/05/09 Governing Body Curriculum (100%)
Finance & Premises (100%)
Personnel & Welfare (100%)
100% Son owns company that provides school IT support
Michelle Tapster Staff 01/08/14 Governing Body Curriculum (67%) 50% None
Gillian Jackson Associate 01/09/14 Governing Body Curriculum (84%) 100% None
Emma Lad Clerk n/a Governing Body Curriculum (100%) 100% None