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School Council

Our School Council meet every Friday with Ms Bruce, our Headteacher. Every term, classes from Year 2 to Year 6 vote two of their class members onto the School Council. This term our School Councillors are:

Year 2 – Cedar Class Isaque and Louisa
Year 2 – Willow Class Owen and Sinou
Year 3 – Hazel Class Frankie and Mya
Year 3 – Sycamore Class Anya and Vincent
Year 4 – Ash Class Jatheeshan and Kalista
Year 4 – Yew Class Ibrahim and Olivia
Year 5 – Fir Class Lavan and Thehara
Year 5 Pine Class Aaron and Sofia
Year 6 – Oak Class Christina and Jack


Our School Council have written an article for the School Brochure to persuade prospective parents/carers to send their child to Cherry Tree:

“Send your children to Cherry Tree because of our fabulous staff. We go on great trips and have exciting lessons.”
(by Jatheeshan and Vincent)

“Cherry Tree School is a happy and safe place.”
(by Frankie and Jack)

“Our school is good because our children are very kind.”
(by Aaron and Sinou)

“Cherry Tree School has a creative effect on all children because they create beautiful displays on all subjects.”
(by Sofia and Isaque)

“You can send your child to Cherry Tree because we have fun in class and outside.”
(by Olivia and Owen)

“At Cherry Tree School the teachers work hard to make lessons fun.  We welcome new children and are friendly.”
(by Louisa and Lavan)

“Send your children to Cherry Tree because the teachers are kind.”
(by Mya and Kalista)

“The teachers at Cherry Tree School are friendly and kind.  They give you good grades if you work hard.”
(by Anya and Christina)