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Eco Council

Cherry Tree’s Eco-council meet every week with Mr Prichard, our Year 3 Hazel Class Teacher, to look at ways to make Cherry Tree a more environmentally friendly school. They use the Eco-code:

G – grow
R – recycle
E – East and don’t waste
E – Electricity
N – No litter

Children are the driving force behind Eco-schools. Our Eco Council has representatives from every class from Year 2 to 6. They assess the environmental performance of the school and decide which environmental themes they want to address and how they are going to do this. Measuring and monitoring are an integral part of the Eco-schools programme, providing schools with all the evidence they need to really shout about their environment!

Our Eco Council members are:

Year 2 – Cedar Class Lily and Nicholas
Year 2 – Willow Class Alayna and Ihsan
Year 3 – Hazel Class George G and Holly
Year 3 – Sycamore Class Harrison and Sonali
Year 4 – Ash Class Erika and Livia
Year 4 – Yew Class Brandon and Hiruki
Year 5 – Pine Class Christina and Shaya
Year 6 – Oak Class Jakub and Tia